Tuesday, 10 March 2015

February and Into March

Can you believe it's the 10th!?

The sun shone today and I met oldest friend for a cup of tea on the edge of town and then she scolded me rightly for wolfing a pack of millionaire shortbread, despite my protests that all the bite size pieces amounted to one mega slice.
Still not good she said.

Then I bought some stuff for a baby shower I am helping with on Thursday and then I watched a couple of you tube videos on how to make an origami match box because I've become obsessed.

But before that happened all of this did.

Because the fringe was getting too much.
It didn't sit to neatly in the morning and the first ever nose bleed was just too cute.

With the colder weather the girls got crafty, these snow scenes were made at Nana's

I needed to make a toy to go with P's World Book Day character and used socks and remnants and T had to get involved with her own thing. I now have a single sock and an abandoned project.
They went as The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Scaredy Mouse who if you know the book is BOLD as A LION MOUSE.

They've become great friends and play together all the time but as I type this I've just had to tell them off for mega inappropriate behavior.
Spitting??? WTF???

The Bunny is on his way.
Is anyone else doing Lent?

I am supposed to be giving up distraction but I think you need a better dose of focus than I have to achieve greatness.
More on that another time.


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Foggy and Rainy and Spikey Tree

That title describes what P saw out of the window one February morning.

February usually my most depressing month has actually turned out to be quite bright for 2015 and the dark gloom that descends hasn't as much yet.

As usual I don't know what the date is so I have no idea how long we have until March but everyday should be loved.

This post is a catch up with pictures.

This is Bear, T's most treasured possession, he has a new microwave friend called Joe I think I found them reading for a couple of days at the top of the stairs.
Joe doesn't get much action because we don't have a microwave but he is hanging out with Bear everyday.

I was 41 on the 4th. G bought me these cakes and some other really nice stuff.

In the evening I made a craft kit for a children's play group I am helping out at. Raining outside sitting and crafting in the quiet sheer bliss before leaving the house for dinner because it is good for the children to see you celebrate your birthday even though you all would rather stay in!

This is a gift from my mum. I would never buy metallic tape, can you even buy metallic tape now it isn't the 80's. This roll must be from when I was a tween. I held this little package for an hour the tape is so cool.
It's late night Christmas wrapping, it's fiddling trying to find the end, it shines in your eyes when you are looking in the bag of wrapping paper looking for the sellotape trying to ignore it because if you take it out then you'll need to find the scissors to cut it. And it goes with nothing so perfectly.

We got new phone's the camera on the 6 is incredible.

I am even considering using the flash.

P had some firsts this month.
She looked beyond cute in the helmet and harness, I can't tell you I could have smothered her but lardy arse mother would have never got both feet off the floor to catch her she was so fast.

She also managed her first decent platt. I don't mean that she put it in herself just that her hair is finally long enough.

And I bought comfortable boots from ZARA
I really rather like their printed leather espadrille but I might look like I have bear cub feet.

Roll on March. It is really just what we all need just keep those bright mornings and afternoons peeking through.


Friday, 13 February 2015

Lets Try Sherbert Sweets!

Bennion with 3n's is a friend of ours.
He used to be an Ice Lord in Dr. Who and had a part in Zed Cars so that gives you a time line.
This year he bought sweets for the girls Christmas presents. A bag each, wrapped in white baking paper with a square of silver foil, probably from a chocolate bar and then tied with string.

Let me tell you when I held them in my lap I nearly cried at how simple the idea was and how
Ballet Shoes Christmas they felt.

One of the bags had fruit sherberts in them.

They tried all flavours, jury is still out.
T received chocolate eclairs and handed them to guests because although she likes them, there are so many in a bag she feels that she won't ever get through them.

Neither of them like Liquorice Allsorts. I've told them it may be some years before that happens.

Anyway, it was a funny five minutes.


Saturday, 31 January 2015

Sewing Really Beautifully

I was checking some blogs this morning and saw this.

Actually I have seen it posted a couple of other places. It is jaw dropping along with this one.
Love YouTube, I am a FEASTER, once you start you just can't stop.

and the next time I want to knit a cardigan or think it's a nice cardi in H&M I need to come back to this.

I have a small job and right from the offset this year I decided to get on top of things, which means the end of year accounts will be in on time next week and then I plan on one day a week finishing something creative......

Whatever it looks like!
Certainly not like the above.


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Poorly House

Did you get the Flu or a cold this Christmas?
Do you know the difference between the two?
Our grand old NHS explains the difference here

G cooks over Christmas and shortly after the big bird was out the oven he began to feel rubbish, by the time he was done with Downton and a game of Hotel with his brothers he went down with the ship.
He had his first a full on adult fever, chills and tears.
How does anyone do this on their own he asked weakly sipping hot Ribeana and hugging a hot water bottle.
He was out for the count for the next few days.

Then P followed shortly behind.

They both pulled themselves up in time for us to spend New Year here.

When we came back we went with family to see Cirque Alfose and their show TIMBER from which I can gather was a 60th birthday present to their father who now features in the show.
Probably the best thing I have seen in a long time.

The dad is the guy with the grey beard. Well worth a watch if you like beards, vests, girls with braces, axes, wood and French Canadian folklore singing.
Then this beautiful face in the most beautiful dress, thank you New Jersey, started to fall asleep like this.

Girl never sleeps during the day.

Quick onset fever with ferocious chills remedied well with Calpol, bed and a hot water bottle.
Five hours later repeat the whole process.

She had to be rushed home from Paddington wrapped in my heaviest wool war coat.
She was better for the start of school but then exploded in a rash.

We had hoped that she might grow out of these post viral rashes but this one has come at her with full force. Some belated sniffles this week have meant that it has all kicked off again today.
I tried for the first time some topical antihistamine to help with the itching but then a lump on her hand appeared so large that we had to resort to the bottle again.

I have a sinus thing who a nurse at the surgery told me was common to get at my age and would be difficult to shift at my age...........are you kidding me? But I am a selective vegan now?
I do feel like I've been hit on the nose with a miniature rock hammer.

My sister in law, I've never said that out loud before, bought me lots of Kneipp products for secret santa this year so I am off for a bath to proove the nurse wrong.


Cold Enough For Snow

Even though January is drawing to a close, oh where does the time go, there are still these photos rolling around my telephone from Christmas.

These are from a shop window in Lewes I think its called Kings Framers  and the contents from the window is from the sister company Georgeous Things and I will never ignore red and white as a theme at Christmas again.
Charming I think it is called.

We stayed with friends over New Year and the lady of the house and I took a walk in the evening though an estate close to their new home.
When you think Estate you need to think yellow bricks, white windows, NO litter, Audi's and central heating commercials from the 1990's, no drafts and very cosy.

The gardens were immaculate and beautifully decorated with lights. Yes the snowmen were a show stopper and no quite 'in' the Esate. First floor balcony though.

Then out from behind the bushes, in an immaculate clean and tidy garden was the most perfect pine.

It was like walking through 1960's vintage America without a spec of dust or a heart beat. Stunning.

FMH and I spoke once of how rubbish we are in the January sales preferring to buy what we want when we want it rather than a bargain which is never a real bargain just for the sake of it.
I bought my first sale item. Did I need it? Yes I did.

All this Christmas it bothered me that I didn't have napkins for guests and now I have them at £5 per pack and it made me very happy.

I am loving the bright day light but am looking forward to the warm.