Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Some Stuff From Around Here Recently

I am quite behind again in uploading posts to here are some photos of bits and bobs.

A walk in Newhaven. There is a ferry that goes to France from here. I might look into that for the Spring whilst it is still running.

I was having a cheeky wee when I took this.

We do Autumn Halloween Bonfire Night and Thanks Giving.
These are two of our decorations, look familiar?

T turned 8 and had a party in the park. We were really lucky with the weather.

We had lunch and set off fireworks in the garden. P looked super cute but she did need to be yelled at occasionally for her own safety.

Their bunk beds are down and together for Christmas.

The decorations are up and there are some cranberries in the freezer. As of today all cards are done and in the post but THAT is about it.

Not panicking at all.


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Who Saw The Tower of London Poppy Memorial?

We went to London in October and this is what we saw.

That's T and my mum on the train and my mum filling in a coupon to get us a deal on the tickets to the Tower. P is making funny faces but you are luck not to be seeing her backside.

Over the bridge and then there they all were.

So this is my attempt at taking the pic of the poppies at all angles.
My mum had been a volunteer in better weather. She's got the T Shirt.

There really were that many people, it didn't let up, no one went for lunch, there wasn't a gap.
It was penguin shuffling right off the bridge and back over again.

So inside the wall it's a village with really posh buildings, big jewels, black birds and again thousands of people milling around.

We are talking twenty thousand people so when I lost P in the grounds for all of twenty seconds I really worried and I really yelled her name. She didn't have this happy face when I found her because she knew I'd lost her.
I love her so much.

We found family medals in the Royal Fusiliers Archive, which made mum teary and G uncomfortable!

Yep that's a VC but it doesn't belong to any member of our family.

It was a full on day there is so much to see.
The Crown Jewels! No pictures of that one. Yes the diamonds are huge and so are the doors that lock them in at night, as big as the ones in the movies. Our favourite was a small diamond crown worn by Queen Victoria a bit like a scrunchie and there is a gold punch bowl that when you look at it, you won't believe your eyes.

G used to work in the area so we took his route back to the train. Girls were well behaved just hoping that they remember in years to come what they saw.

P bought T a memorial Poppy broach for her birthday with quote,  
They shall not grow old, as we are left grow old 
because she said it was important.

So some good done.


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Happy 8th Birthday T

 My where has the time gone. I say this every year.

She is growing up so strong.
She is ready to be a big girl. I am not ready for that.

She is funny too.
But she still doesn't get a joke.

And although she goes on and on and on, twitters away. I have decided to listen to her more because I don't want to miss a thing.

I love you with everything I have.
Happy 8.
It's gonna be brilliant I can't wait.


Sunday, 23 November 2014

A Last Day in Dorest.

Usually I wake up before everyone, survey the damage and start to fold and pack.
In fact if I am sleeping on an airbed, as I stretch forward on waking I'll pull out bung and sink to the ground.

As we packed and loaded the car BOMO kept the children occupied with hula loop races and general running up and down. Campsite really full now and ready for the summer holidays.

With a full car we headed out for lunch, a pub lunch.
I decided I was going to try Scampi for the first time, in a pub by the sea. Excellent.

We parked the car and wandered down the lane and came across the The Pig Hotel
Blinking in astonishment.
This is a Pig? It's a PIG!!

I have a thing for this group of hotels, even looked at visiting whilst we were here camping, but I hadn't really really looked and wasn't sure on it's location so stood there in disbelieve as we stumbled on it at the bottom of the lane on the last day.

Why are we not going here for lunch I gasped?
Because you are having Scampi at the pub next door said BOMO lovingly!

After an hour of laughs we headed down for our final beach trip. I needed to work off the breadcrumbs that came with the meal. Very heavy not sure if I will be eating that again this decade.

This is a gem of a beach. It's near The Pig in Studland. You can't miss it.

After lots of whooping and hollering it was time to say our good byes and head for home.
This was one of the best family holidays ever. I am amazed how much ground we covered and still managed to be relaxed. I am already planning something for next year.

P was asleep long before we got onto the Sandbanks Ferry. 

We came to Dorset in a very hot week of July 2014, we were lucky because the skies were blue and there was a breeze in the air down at the waters edge. As we headed back East the heat became more intense as the clouds joined together so we really did have the best weather.

If you read this and fancy a trip to Purbeck & Studland  I am still not sure how the area is defined, maybe the last few posts will give you an idea of where to visit and what to do.

Happy Days.
Now it's November is it too early to be wishing for the sun.