Sunday, 6 April 2014

Linen Wash Cloths.

 A sewing post!

So yonks ago I started a mission to finish everything, something happened this week, I am not sure what but there are cream calico curtains hanging in the front bedroom and another project done, read on, I am on fire!

A while ago I decided that fragile tablecloths and holey pillowcases were no good to anyone stuck in a drawer and I wasn't going to turn them into a dress because I'd look ridiculous so I cut them into lots of rectangles and made only four flannels before shelving the task.

Years ago I bought a Liberty white cotton mitt, £4.95 and along with my Crabtree & Evelyn avocado soap I was happy as Larry. Well the mitt probably turned yellow and the bar moved onto face wash from Nuxe.
But I always loved the  mitt.

G has taken the kids to a play centre and this is what has got done.

Sort into pairs quickly, no pinning just get on with it.

Sew round three sides, turn inside out and iron.

Make the iron hotter. Finish with top stitching.

Bakers dozen done.

These work better on the kids, you can really get behind the ears, I've been using the four I made previously with great success, and they are nice cold when there is a temperature in someone. I think I am going to have to make more of an effort with the iron though.

I just emptying the washing machine, thinking back to the nineties if you rented a flat in London and it had a washing machine, in my experience you could pay an extra £15 per week in rent because of it. I wonder if that is still the case.
Long before wifi!

Kids home in a mo and everyone will be screaming and there are potatoes to roast.


Monday, 31 March 2014

SALE Shoes at Anthropologie.

Pair of lovelies arrived in the post this week.

I think this is called an unwrapping post.
Sure to draw in the crowds.

Now you can by a book from Amazon for 49p with free postage and it arrive the following day following three tracking emails but you will pay £5 delivery from Anthropologie and you will sit patiently and wait for a few days.

So neat and tidy. That's the receipt in the white envelope, still haven't opened it or it might be an invitation.
For those of you wondering if I've lost my New Years Resolution, I haven't, it will just be mid June before I have another £ to spend.

These shoes are by MUS & ROEW made in Barcelona from leather and a slither of wood says the label. More details HERE

I just dreamed of these, then I put them on.

What is that gaping hole? Did some one forget to put a dart in the pattern?

I have learned my lesson, try not to buy shoes online unless its Carvella, cut for the lady with a certain shape foot and income.
I've bought Anthropologie wedges before and the strap isn't generous to slip my fat dancers foot into although a couple of weeks with the kiddos schlepping round the house has fixed that problem.

This gap in the sides would have to do as I had set my Saturday on wearing them and I wasn't going through the trauma of sending them back, I'd just have to flinch my arch when standing still. I'd done pain for fashion in my youth, I could do it again.

I was in them from 09:30 - 19:00

Oh dear!

A couple of days washing with Dr. Bonner has fixed the dye problem.
Let me tell you well done MUS & ROEW these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.  Perfectly balanced, light as a feather, just stunning. Will probably wear them until I'm REALLY old.

Get a pair!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

FUCK! I'm Forty.

Well February 4th, but I just haven't been able to be here for a while, there has been no flow. Kept looking but nothing.

The week leading up to the milestone was strange. I realised that really I'd reached the half way point and I never thought that would happen. Not that my history was fragile I just thought that time would go on for ever.
In that week I was in a mode for walking everywhere (Madrid fall out) so had a lot of time with my own thoughts and it all came flying at me like a locomotive going off the rails.

I was thinking about things that hadn't been achieved, stupid decisions that had been made through just naivety that effected everything and how quickly it all had gone. The fact that I just didn't listen in my twenties and I did lots of thinking about my  my dad, the relationship we still have even though he has been dead 20 years.
The tears really flowed on that one and I didn't care that I was walking home.
All this thinking time didn't really have anything to do with G, the girls or the house it was all internal, if that makes sense.

Inwardly it was a really sad time, that luckily only lasted a week.

I talk to other women who say, I can't believe I'm forty four and fifty is next.

The night before, I took the longest boiling bath in Radox salts. A forgotten product that smells so lovely you should get some, I found this in the chemist.

I lit a nag champer incense stick, that Oldest Friend bought me for Christmas and tried not to think about it being carcinogenic at the bottom of the bath and because I am a middle class mother I don't own an incense stick holder anymore, but I do own a pot of Sudocrem so stuck it in that.
On went the traveling plinky plonky rain music from far away lands and that was it good bye thirty.

So the decision has been made don't live forty from the safety of the sofa repeating the last ten years.
We are a month on I am out of the house but I am terrified of the big plan.

In other news.

G bought me the most beautiful vintage trinket all the way from Japan via Manchester, stopping at Raynes Park, I started playing when I was younger took a long break and now want to finish something.
It's not as easy to learn as it was before when I couldn't be bothered to practice and my eye sight is rubbish.

I poached my very first eggs, not scared of that anymore and I have gone nuts for portabello's and sourdough bread.

The Royal Mint tells us that if you have one of these 50 pence pieces in your pocket that celebrates 250th anniversary of The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew it could be worth £120.

I have had one of these in the past, unlike me to forget anything with a pagoda on it. I am checking all my change becasue the surprise will be so nice.


Monday, 3 February 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014.

So G is eager for me to point out to anyone who I happen to mention it to that he has not asked me to do this. It is something I have decided that he feels is pointless.

I am cutting back my spending and limiting myself to £1per day. Resolution 2014.

Some of my friends might say, I'm playing poor but it is intended for me to get a handle on my spending and not leaving the bill to G.
I don't think twice before picking up a T shirt for the girls, or buying something in the charity or buying wool or some other craft materials and actually I have nothing to show for it and no clue how much I spend.

Luckily I don't buy magazines or drink coffee so I am not loosing money in Starbucks but I think I still have a problem.

I cheated a little on New Years eve and hit the shops, buying SPF's for the summer, pants and socks, a few sale items including a stupid amount of hair bands.
To be honest I had three pairs of crap pants and socks and I was likely to hit an underwear breakdown before I saved enough for new knickers. Everyone needs an SPF on the face and seeing as I am sensitive to a lot of products it would probably take me forty days to save for that tube of cream. Luckily I found a new product, much cheaper so bought two tubes and a face wash!

On the 4th of January, LH invited me antiquing in her town. How was I going to manage that with £4?
I explained the £ to her over a home cooked ham chowder, the Vegetarian resolution from 2013 now finally over and then hit the flea markets.

Linen towels, enamel and baskets all a weakness for me but I have variations so I don't need it and don't miss it.

A few other things poke my interest.

I like these waste paper baskets.

What happens next there are no photos for.
Except this one of the most lovely prints that get my heart beating.

There on the shelf on SALE are beautiful muted Christmas prints, loads of them at £6 per meter.
Well none says LH, you've only got the £4.
It briefly hits me that I've bragged New Years Resolution chat over lunch and getting round it/her, here, might not be so easy. Loads of people try and quit the fags in January and fail, what would it matter just this once if a bought £50 worth of cloth.
I forget who I am with,,,, and so has she!

I approach the counter to get the story straight.
£6 per yard, what is the smallest amount I can buy? I figure I can leave with 3 prints and get my fix.
As it's on sale, 50cm minimum cut.
I restrain from screaming at upper middle class post menopause and return to the shelf to make my selection, picking up three or so bales and bursting into floods of tears.
Turning to LH and saying, you don't understand cloth is my cheese.
It's my weakness and LH comforts me now understanding fully.
Tears flow.
Never mind she says, you can buy some next year.
No, I sob, these patterns will not be available next year, it's called a textile industry.
I buy half a meter of teabag colour cloth with a small dark grey star.

I hatch a plan to avoid parking charges and come back within the week and get another meter.

We carry on.

Look FMH! Such a pretty tree.

When it is time to return home. My cloth is in my pocket, in a paper bag. It is raining and the bag is in my hand, brown paper is a weakness also and I feel for the first time ever that I have made an un gluttonous purchase.
I like the feeling.
As it happens I have spent only £12.35 this month most of that is on cloth. 
Will plod along over the next few months to see if a real saving is made. G says it is quite normal for me to go a while spending nothing but then I can't spend quick enough.

What's nice is another mum at the school gate, is also doing no unnecessary spending, apparently you can have too many white shirts for work.

I think I am a bit high from it.


and here is a really BIG Dump.

I am sure we had the best tree ever and it was the display model.

The girls went through all the decorations and literally threw the ornaments on the tree in clusters and there they stayed until I, lonesome, packed it all away.

Twas twinkly most evenings.

The girls had a joint party briefly, really stressful, but the party bags looked amazing.

P's birthday is right before Christmas, she wanted to go ice skating, my ankle said no, so we dragged in the Lion Man as extra parent. P never wants to go again, T is well up for it at the most annoying moments.

I think having your birthday around Christmas sucks unless you are Jesus.

Christmas pretty much rocked this year.
G asked me what type of 'Day' did I want and I read him the passage from Ballet Shoes. He looked at me as if I was crazy.
Ultimately we went for something that kept him out the kitchen for hours. He usually cooks at Christmas. The kids don't like a roast dinner that much and by not cooking it he can enjoy their company.
As it happened they received a Robot Fish each and they spent most of the day in the bathroom swimming them round the tub. I knitted and G read and the TV didn't go on till about 8.
Amazing and beyond stress free.

The girls got bow an arra's, and so did G. His more of a weapon and has to be carved yet.
P wanted one of those flashing badges and we have put it away for next year.

T is all about the joke, can't stop telling and laughing at the non gag.

My family came for Christmas on the Eve. And that's a strange event that I am not sure I will repeat in the same way. Mum and I have only ever done Christmas on the one day, there was never enough of us to do more. Whilst the day was lovely, and the company wonderful and it was special, when we sat down for lunch you didn't get the feeling that so was the rest of the country. Because you could hear the rush outside.
I think next time if celebrations are to happen on the Eve then it should be from the very late afternoon, when everyone can't DO anything else and it is a bit more twinkly.

These are my most two favourite photos from the holidays.

More pics of me with the girls in 2014 me thinks and my skin looks great.